Sustainable Innovation In Your Supply Chain

Bear Fibers's team has been supplying sustainable fibers, yarns, and textiles since the 1990s. We provide eco-friendly innovation in your product lines, inspired by nature and rooted in our selection of the finest natural fibers.

Hemp is our fiber of choice. We know you want performance and quality, naturally made. We were a leader in the development of the global organic cotton industry and are now developing the United States hemp industry, while continuing to grow the global hemp industry. Our motto: Hemp Makes It Better. 

Most hemp and blends with other sustainable fibers come from China. China has had uninterrupted hemp production for thousands of years and is the leader in hemp fiber production for textiles. As we are developing the North/South Carolina and US supply of cottonized hemp fiber and yarns for sustainable textiles, we are also providing finished goods via Horizon Hemp and have reviewed the complete value chain from raw material to finished good to ensure we provide competitive and competent service for our customers.